Blanders and Grenders

My husband and I are living for a while in a country where English is a second or third language. That makes for some creative spellings of words we thought we knew. Recently, while shopping at a local small appliance store, we saw a sign for "blanders,"  and in another aisle "grenders." We had a good chuckle about it and then bought a "blander" so we could make smoothies with the summer fruit.


There's an old woman who walks through the back streets near our apartment yelling the name for berries, "Marianee" in Russian. When your window is open, you will hear her piercing voice. If you hurry downstairs, you can catch her and she'll measure out the small, sweet forest strawberries with the stems intact. The red fruit is soft and bursting with juice, not at all like the hard, unnaturally large red nuggets we seem to prefer in the U.S.

You must take your berries home quickly. Wash and hull them right away and enjoy the ripe juiciness. They don't keep well. They are for immediate enjoyment.

I like my blander, but I don't ever want to make my life bland. I want to enjoy the natural wonders of each day, the simple and immediate joys. They may demand a bit more effort, but oh, the sweetness!

And no daily "grend" for me, either!

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