The Incredible Importance of Doll Quilts

First of all, I prefer triangles. The personality tests say this means I’m orderly but creative.

Second, the triangles keep multiplying, so here I am sewing together 60 three-cornered pieces to make each doll quilt. I’ve created at least 200 pillows made of triangles for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and a few for weddings. The triangles never get used up, so each time I look at them I get another idea. The pillows are individual, made to suit each person’s favorite colors and interests. The same is true of these new, tiny patchwork projects.

Are doll quilts important? They’re made of small pieces for small girls with plastic babies. They’ll be well used—lots of playing house, letting the cat claw it and dragging it around the floor to dramatize various imaginary scenarios. They may die of overuse or neglect.

Why make them? Well, I know these two little red-haired girls who have great imaginations, lots of energy and a love of  quilts. Maybe they’ll like them; maybe they’ll fight over who gets the blue one. But I hope they will remember me at least for a while and enjoy many hours of creative play.

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