When Doves Laughed

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About the Author

Beryl Carpenter has a deep love for Spain and its culture. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and has taught Spanish. She and her husband have explored many of Spain’s castles and cathedrals through numerous trips. She studied at the University of Salamanca and lived for a year in southern Spain

It is finally ready for you patient readers!  The printed volumes arrived Nov 16, 2017, two days before the first book launch event.     Beryl

About the Story

In Far From A Pleasant Land Sara Elena de Tores was expeled from her home in Granada, Spain by the Edit of Expulsion of Jews, and separated from her brother, Luis, and her love, Juan

In Toward a Dark Horizon Sara Elena settled in a distant land while Luis and Juan sailed into an unknown sea.

In When Doves Laughed we learn the outcome of their separation and hardships, the conflict with Sara Elenas tormenter, Fr. Morales and the resulting clash with the Inquisition.  

Join in reading of the lives of ordinary people in tumultious times as imagined by Beryl Carpenter in this trilogy.

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