The Columbian Exchange


When Columbus found the New World, he brought along all the baggage of his European culture. Besides trade goods, he and his crew introduced diseases that the Indians had never experienced, European languages and customs, and foods grown and eaten back in the old country. The Indians, as Columbus named them, offered their treasures in return. This became what the historians call the Columbian Exchange. Columbus' accidental discovery had a huge impact on the whole world, still influencing the world today.

Did this Olive Tree come from the New World to the Old or from the Old World to the New?

Test your knowledge. Which of these foods came from the New World and which from the Old World (including things that had come to Europe originally from Africa and Asia)?

Bananas          Chocolate          Coffee           Corn             Pineapple        Olives

Potato              Sugar cane        Tobacco        Tomato         Grains              Onions

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