It’s a Book!

CarpenterHorizon_Cover3 - Version 3

In December my publisher, Authorhouse, sent the galley of my second novel, Toward a Dark Horizon, to me.  In spite of it being about the same length as the first they used the wrong font making it 150% longer. I can gratefully acknowledge that they changed it to the correct font and size making it just right. Then came the final chance at editing: add or move quotation marks, change to or from italics, drop or add a sentence, correct a spelling. After all the weeks of doing the same to the manuscript it did surprise me that 70 final edits were needed. What joy to hit the Send button!  Then today my beautiful daughter-in-law, Kate Garchinsky, completed the final color adjustments for the cover illustration. Lovely! Just one more hurdle and you dear readers can (finally) get the sequel. They will send a printed copy for final approval at last. I guess that is to check to see that all the pages are in the book, in the right order and right side up.

Cover Design and Illustration by Kate Garchinsky

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