Garage Sale

One time, we let the Boy Scouts hold a fund-raising garage sale in our yard and carport. They filled our yard with donated new brooms and industrial towel dispensers, old clothes on racks, piles of paperbacks and assorted bud vases and glassware. To make more money, they set up a coffee urn and a hot dog stand.

People swarmed around the stuff like honeybees discovering nectar for the first time. I cowered inside, feeling the invasion in a sudden moment of panic. Not that everyone wasn't polite. There were just too many people! I had no breathing room.

Silly, wasn't it? Not reasonable. And people bought stuff. Discards became treasures. Ordinary items found new life. Maybe something like that happened in the New World. Columbus brought European or Old World valuables: coffee, olives, sugar cane and bananas. The others listed in the previous blog entry came from the New World. Surprised by the answers? I was.

Below is a more complete list.  

I've taken a more reasonable attitude toward garage sales since that first revelation. Are you with me about garage sales? Or do you absolutely love them? Enjoy!

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