Far From a Pleasant Land

About the Story

Sara Elena Torres dreams of love and a home like any young Jewish woman, but finds herself caught up in the disastrous events of 1492. Taking on heavy responsibility, she runs the family household and helps her ailing father. Meanwhile, Sara Elena’s brother Luis enlists with Columbus’ voyage of discovery, and older brother Raul opens a mapmaking shop rather than carry on the family translation business.

When visiting the newly conquered Alhambra, Sara overhears Ferdinand and Isabella’s plan to expel the Jews from Spain. She prepares herself like Queen Esther of old, and begs the queen to reconsider. Pressures mount as Morales, the sly deputy of the Inquisition, stalks Sara Elena and her family.

As historic events crowd in and personal disasters overtake her, Sara Elena must make impossible choices and escape the plans of the dangerous Morales. Where will she go? Whom can she trust? Will she ever reach home?

About the Author

Beryl Carpenter has a deep love for Spain and its culture. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and has taught Spanish. She and her husband have explored many of Spain’s castles and cathedrals through numerous trips. She studied at the University of Salamanca and lived for a year in southern Spain

Follow Sara Elena’s adventures in sequel books Toward a Dark Horizon and When Doves Laughed

Besides Far From a Pleasant Land and Toward a Dark Horizon, Ms. Carpenter has written ESL to Go, a book of ten adaptable lessons for non-professionals who teach English overseas.  

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