Coming Soon:  Toward a Dark Horizon

         It is a long process but the initial draft is complete and I have been editing for the past month.  This includes scene rewrites and plot changes as well as typo fixes.  I am hoping to have it ready by Fall.  Praying for energy and inspiration! 

         P.S.  I will just add here that I have since done two complete edits and am almost done with the third. The characters have demanded that I tell more of their story so I have added several things.  I have altered the sequence of presentation of some events and positioned my characters for the last book of this trilogy:  When Doves Laughed

         P.S.S.  I will add this note in early November:  Robert has printed out the whole thing and offered many edit suggestions.  Then he did it a second time.  It talks a village, so they say.

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