When Doves Laughed

     The saga of Sara Elena continues in When Doves Laughed to be published in Fall, 2017.


     In Far From a Pleasant Land Sara and her family find their lives disrupted by the tumult in Spain in 1492.  The eve of a voyage of discovery coincided with the expulsion of Jews from Spain ordered by Ferdinand and Isabella. In Toward a Dark Horizon Sara and Juan separate and travel in opposite directions toward unknown shores and an unknown future.

     We cannot tell you here how each one’s struggle resolves, or even IF it will resolve   (at least not necessarily the way many readers hope for).  

     The long-standing goal for Sara is to have a home and family.  Will this happen?  If so, where? When?  How?

     At this time the final chapters are being written.  Experience tells us that weeks of editing will follow so please be patient.   

    Update:   It took more than just weeks!   Today is November 18, 2017 and in a few hours I will have my first book launch event.  The volumes arrived two days ago!  I am sorry for the delay but my work on the book was somewhat delayed by missions trips in March to Cuba, in July to China (my 7th trip) and in October to Germany.  BJC


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